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Paragliding in Pokhara!!

Pokhara- the City with Exceptional Beauty and tremendous adventurous activities has always been opportunity rather than option to fulfill ones passions. Among those activities paragliding is its gemstone and has always been favorite activities for everyone entering this beautiful city.

Paragliding is not just about getting tied up with a paraglider and wait until our feet touches the ground rather its about feeling what actually the nature has got to offer us. Flying in the sky of pokhara is truly mesmerizing. The wind from the north, never ending sight of the horizon, sound and still Phewa Lake Below, Tall and shiny Annapurna Himalaya range and obviously the beautiful pokhara city and surrounding landscapes are breath taking.

So, Here we are Green ParaGliding Pvt Ltd. to assist you, satisfy you and ensure you that every take off will be like the first one.